Finance Options

Choosing The Right Finance For You

With Al Baraka Financing options, We can help make your dreams reality. We offer excellent profit rates, convenient enrolment, and Shari’a-compliant products that provide the perfect solution for everyone, whether you’re employed or self-employed. Finance your future with Al Baraka Finances to achieve your goals quick and easy.

Finance Options


Al Baraka Sudanese Bank offers a Tagseet product to finance the best products of electrical and electronic appliances and high-quality home furnishings at reasonable prices and convenient Tagseet that suit the needs of our customers.

Education Financing

We believe in Al Baraka Sudanese Bank that education should be available to all, so our education financing product (to finance tuition fees) was designed in order to relieve pressure on parents, and we also provide education financing for various educational levels.

Ghiyar Product

Al Baraka Bank of Sudan offers a spare product to finance vehicle rentals for individuals in the form of Murabaha for purchase orders

Mihnati Product

Al Baraka Bank of Sudan provides medical equipment financing service to doctors in their various sectors with the aim of establishing stable work, developing their business and contributing to the development of the medical sector through a professional financing product

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