All Personal Accounts

Personal Accounts

We at Al Baraka Sudanese Bank believe that our customers are the center of our attention and we work hard to meet their requests and satisfy their expectations by providing services that suit their needs.
Now you can choose the account that suits you from the group of accounts provided by Al Baraka Sudanese Bank.

All Accounts

Current Account

The current account service provided by Al Baraka Bank in Sudan enables you to withdraw and deposit funds and provides you with financial stability and security, without any exposure to the risk of loss.

Premium Account

Al Baraka Bank of Sudan offers the Al Baraka Premium Account service, which is an account that combines the features of the current account and the savings account, as it gives its owner a check book of 10 papers, and it is characterized by a profit return, and it is compatible with Islamic law.

Saving Account

With the savings account provided by Al Baraka Sudanese Bank, you can save your money with the freedom to withdraw and deposit at any time and enjoy all electronic payment services

Saving accounts with profit

Savings account with profits A savings account characterized by a profit return compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and has relative flexibility in the movement of withdrawals and deposits.

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